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Tissa Central College, is one of the leading schools in Kalutara & Sri Lanka has produced many popular figures including high rankers of Armed Forces, Popular Artistes, World’s Leading Sportsmen, Renowned University Lecturers and many others who have excelled in their chosen careers. Today Tissa Central College has over 3000 students & over 120 Teachers and Mr. Wilfred Weerasinghe is the current Principle of the Tissa Central College.

වැජබේවා මගේ මෑණි තිස්ස විදුහල් !

Date of Birth, 1936

75 year celebration

Tissa National School is mixed school in Kalutara district. It’s become large school of Kalutara region. Tissa School established at 1936 and recent day they were celebrated 75 Anniversary.

Battle of Mangosteens

Tissa Central and their arch-rivals Kalutara Vidyalaya will meet in ‘Battle of the Mangosteens’, at the Kalutara Esplanade.

Photo Gallery

This gallery showing up our oldest memory and day today capturing of special occasion and events.

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